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Tricia James





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Scarf Styling Engagements


Retailers, Professional Women Organizations and Accessory Sales Associates alike benefits from Tricia James expertise when it comes to Accessories & Scarf Styling. " Be Accessory Stylish!" is Tricia's tagline and she lives up to it! Tricia loves to drive excitement and intrigue during her Accessory Styling Presentations. She loves an audience!




Engage - Educate - Entertain

Once Tricia was traveling from HongKong to Vancouver and inevitably started a scarf party at 30,000 feet on Cathay Pacific Airways! She showed a passenger who was feeling cold onboard, how to create a custom fitted shawl that would not fall off her shoulders. In a few short moments, she had a crowd of women passengers being entertained by her scarf styling ideas.


Tricia has so much passion for scarf styling and accessories that she will stop women on the streets and ask for permission to style their scarves for

them!She's been called the "Scarf Genie" - "Scarf Ninja" - and off course "The Scarf Lady!" Tricia James lives her passion for scarf styling, unique and innovative accessories is her world!




The Rest Of  Her Story

In 1979 Tricia James placed her focus on the accessory industry and has created a niche platform to Engage, Educate, and Entertain women with her vivacious presentations at her innovative Scarf Styling Parties!


As an International Scarf Stylist - Industry Innovator for over 30 years – Tricia James creates high fashion scarf styles that will intrigue your imagination. Her scarf styling techniques helps elevate the age old scarf styles worn in the days of Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly. Her innovative, romantic and elegant scarf styles, has created a sense of excitement amongst her many scarf loving fans at Trade Shows, Women Organizations, Military Exchanges in Washington State and at department stores like Nordstrom.


Tricia James launched her popular Scarf Styling DVD “Be Scarf Stylish”TM featuring 12 Revolutionary scarf styles in 2012 at the North West Women Show in Seattle,Washington. Through her spirit of innovative ideas, Tricia launched her scarf painting workshops in 2014 that consistently sells out. Tricia's approach to painting scarves is surprisingly unconventional.You can see Tricia in action on her website


Tricia's expertise in marketing accessories, coupled with her acuity in sales and business, merits her next business venture. In 2017 Tricia James will launch her Signature Mentoring Online Program - For entrepreneurial women looking to capitalize on a turn key accessory business model. Tricia has created a business model for women to find the flexibility, time, and income they need to balance work and daily life. 

Tricia James is ready to elevate the accessory businesses of fashion designers, high end department stores, and accessory companies through her educational and entertaining accessories presentations.

To learn more about Tricia and what she can do for your accessory business, please contact her to discuss how she can help elevate your business beyond the usual sales channels. “It's time to tie up the loose ends in your accessory business”



“ Don't feed your fears – Feed your possibilities”










Tricia James

"There's Nothing Better Then Doing What You Love With Passion!"

Tricia James

Tricia James lives in Austin TX with her husband and 2 children. She enjoys collecting antique scarves, jet-skiing, entertaining, travel, reading,cooking, and a passion for designing Innovative products and product presentations.

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